Night Car Crocheting Solution 

Hey y’all,

So I just got back from a short road trip and I feel quite successful with the amount of crocheting in the car I was able to accomplish. 

Even at night. 

Without the light in the car on. 

We don’t like to have the lights in the car on unless it’s an emergency (because of other drivers on the road) and it’s not great for the battery. 

Rewind two months. I was in the car for a trip and had been crocheting earlier in the day but it got dark and I had to stop. 😑 I sometimes will think to pack a project that I can do by feel but I didn’t that day. 

A few days later, I saw my dad reading with this really nice book light. The arm is super adjustable, unlike any I’d ever seen. 

Then I had an idea. 💡

Book light strapped to my seatbelt in the car for night crocheting. 


This is the light. 

I hooked it to the lap strap of my seatbelt. 
And made sure the light was pointing down (be safe!), especially since I was in the front passenger seat. 

Guys. This was the best idea ever. 

Also, this match up of the colors is so perfect. I can’t say I didn’t try it, but didn’t try hard. I didn’t measure anything out to make the colors line up. I eyeballed it and am super impressed. 😊 Not sure if it will stay this good throughout but I’m glad the starting edge will have some consistency. 

All for tonight. 😘

With Love,



WIP Wednesday – October

Hey all,

This has been a busy month as I’ve transitioned into my school year and continue my jobs in before/after care and babysitting. 

But I’ve been project happy too, as always. 

The baby shower for my best friend’s sister is next weekend and I’m almost ready. The main blanket is fully crocheted and just has some finishing touches, possibly including a fringe. I think it is so beautiful. Is it okay to say that about something for a boy? I have one hat finished and one bootie for the set. I still have to make its mate and would like to do a tie top newborn hat as well. I’m planning to do that in navy and surface crochet his name, once it is officially decided on. 😉

I’ve started another Lana Kimono in the original yarn, LB Shawl in a Ball (lotus flower colorway). Christmas crocheting is in full swing. The way this is working up reminds me of a mermaid fin. 😍

I have the yarn (mint/silver and cream/mustard) to make a few Cappuccino Cardigans as holiday gifts as well. I’m not great at front and back post crocheting so that’s a little intimidating. 😐 But I’m giving myself the time to do these projects right! 🙌🏻

I started and frogged a sweater I found on Ravelry. I’m doing it in the same yarn I did one of the Lana Kimonos in (RH With Love in charcoal). 

I also found out it is a friend’s birthday tomorrow and I will see her on Friday. I’m making her a puff stitch bun beanie by Sewrella. Instead of doing a chained circle though, I’m working over a hair tie to make the opening elastic. I’m using RH Soft in off white. 

Final bit of crochet fun, I glazed a yarn bowl on my birthday a few weeks ago and just got it today. 😃 I’m so pleased with how it came out. The base color is coral and there are lacy flowers in white, dark coral, and mint around the outside. 😍 I’ve never used a yarn bowl so I’ll let you know my thoughts once I’ve used it a while. 

All for today, hope you enjoyed! 

With Love,



Throwback Thursday: Pink Lemonade, Sunshine, and Kisses

Over the summer, I went to a birthday party for two young girls I know and I decided that for their birthdays, I’d make them the Pink Lemonade Clutch that came in my Happy Yarn Mail box back in the spring. I ordered more of the yarn included in the box to make two matching purses but I knew I’d embellish them somehow to keep them unique so the girls would know which bag was theirs. I decided to surface crochet their names on the back. I went to Target and hit up the dollar spot and filled the girls’ purses with goodies like a little notebook, lip gloss, and gum. I think the purses came out super cute and the girls loved them!

So after I had done these, I realized I didn’t actually need to order extra of the DIYarn that came in my HYM box. I still had plenty of leftover in the skeins I had. But better to be safe than sorry! I thought and thought about what I could do as a little project and then it hit me. I could C2C a little stroller blanket for baby Nóra! And so I did. I called it her “sunshine and kisses” blanket because she’s my little sunshine and I just kiss those cheeks all day long! I’ve decided that this pattern will be my first official pattern that I write up for this blog and I’ll create it in a printer friendly PDF that will be available for purchase! I have one other pattern that I completely designed myself, but I’m going to wait and release it in the springtime as it’s a very summery pattern. 

Anyway, here is baby girl and her blanket! 

It’s a super easy C2C pattern with a single crochet and scalloped border. The best part: this project would cost about $12, with leftovers! The yarn used is Lion Brand DIYarn and is very inexpensive. I’d like to just make the blanket one more time with new skeins so I know for sure how many skeins are needed as I was working with some partially used skeins. But I think it came out so so so beautifully! My friend, Marion, LOVED it and was super surprised by this gift for her sweet little girl. Made me so happy when I saw her face. That’s the best part of crocheting for others. Or at least one of the best parts! 😉 




Happy Yarn Mail and Labor Day Weekend

This lovely Labor Day weekend, my parents decided to go away to visit my sister and have one last summer getaway.

That left me with a house to myself, some homework and housework, and crochet projects!

Y’all know I have a lot of ongoing projects. I wanted to knock off a few things from my current and upcoming list, including my Happy Yarn Mail.  

I LOVE Happy Yarn Mail day, if you didn’t already know that. Last week, I did a live unboxing of my HYM for August which was really fun! I never did any kind of unboxing video before so maybe I’ll make it a habit? I dk!

 So I’ve been getting HYM since it started in March of this year. March’s pattern was this ADORABLE chocolate bunny pillow. I took my HYM to Virginia over Easter break when I had my annual visit to Busch Gardens. My grandparents take me in the spring because I love roller coasters. I knew I’d have a lot of car time to work on projects and that was one of the ones I had along. We put the little bunny on the chair in the kitchen for Easter Sunday and my family thought she was adorable.

Well then it was the end of the semester at school and I had all those birthday projects happening (some still in progress) so even though I was so excited to get a new project with everything I needed inside, I just was so busy that I didn’t get to do that months. The pretty sprinkled boxes stacked up (although the water bottle, tumbler, notions bag, and sunglasses were used quite frequently) and it made me sad that I hadn’t finished so many of the projects. 
Then the other week I decided, I have four days off so I’m going to do four projects among all of the other things I want to accomplish. I only got 3 done, but I still feel pretty accomplished. Here they are.

The hydrangea hoop (I added some lighter blue as well to get a fuller bouquet)

The popsicle pillow, doesn’t this thing remind you of a Shopkin?

The prismatic scarf, I love this thing!

Now if you follow HYM, you know I skipped a project (other than the patriotic bear). But that’s a really good story so I’ll save it for another day. 

I also made a slouchy beanie to put away for a birthday gift in December. Gotta start tackling the holidays and birthdays from November through February. I have about a dozen birthdays in that span in addition to Christmas. Some will be crocheted and some will not, for my own sanity.

Also, I did decide I’d rather do monthly WIP Wednesday post. I’ll include photos and updates on current and upcoming projects. However, make sure you follow my Insta to stay in tune to what I’m up to because I will do brief updates there through the month!




Flashback Friday: Gifts for Elliot

One of my favorite humans is the brother to the recipient of yesterday’s post: a 5 year old boy. His name is Elliot except due to the way he talks, it sounds like he’s saying “Eddiot.” 😜 I’ll be sad when he grows out of it. He also says his “l” like a “y” so he says that he “yoves” me. I “yove” him too. 😍

Elliot is a really caring boy, very sensitive to others’ feelings and needs. He is goofy and so so so sweet. For his birthday, I followed the pattern and made him a pillow and a friend as well. 

Elliot L O V E S the How to Train Your Dragon series. I attempted Toothless the Dragon by tiny alchemy. Her patttern is available on Etsy. I would say that it is ok. I need a little more visual, especially for a complicated amigurumi project. It didn’t look as good as the original but the boy was happy with it so that’s enough for me.

For his pillow, I decided to try out my hand at corner to corner crochet. I’d seen a lot of graphgans on Pinterest and I was ready to try my hand at it. The first side was his favorite superhero, Spider-Man! I used a graph pattern I found on Pinterest. Then, I used graph paper to design the back. I used the same number of columns and rows to create a striped pattern with his name in the middle. I did it in red and blue to keep with the Spidey motif. 😉

I love this little buddy and I’m glad I could make his birthday special!




Throwback Thursday: Gifts for Norah

Sorry it’s late! Putting both this one and the one for today out now! 🙈

Over the past couple of years, I’ve gotten to know a young lady name Norah (mind you this is not Nóra, the baby I watch) and her family as I had her in kindergarten SACC and then became one of the main babysitters for their family. Because of some commitments the kids’ parents were involved with this past spring, I was basically a part-time nanny for their family and I loved the opporturnitity to really bond with both Norah and her little brother. 

Norah is a force of nature and so sassy. Oh so sassy! But she’s also thoughtful and caring and a friend to everyone. I actually haven’t seen her in about a month and am really looking forward to watching her tonight!

On Norah’s 7th birthday this year, she received some special gifts from me. I spoiled her. The only thing I don’t have a picture of is a little crocheted pouch I made to give her a locket. It was pink with a scalloped edge and used a button enclosure. I stitched a small “N” in the corner because I love anything with my initials on it. I have a locket with a photo of my nephew from the day he was born and Norah loves to open it and told me once that she wanted a locket. I found a silver one with pink roses printed on it from Claire’s. I put the pouch into a big fluffy purple heart pillow with a white pocket. The pattern was by Ashleigh at Sewrella, but I tweaked it just a little. I used two strands of Bernat Blanket Yarn and I might have used a 12 mm hook, but I don’t remember. Norah has a purple beanbag chair with white polka dots so I tried to make it match tha

I also tried my first amigurumi pattern. It was by the Friendly Red Fox, the tiny bear ballerina. For my first ami, I think she turned out SO lovely. Norah named her Lily.

Norah was SO excited with all of her birthday gifts. Her mom, my super sweet friend I made the sparkly Lana kimono for, told me she kept saying “I can’t believe she MADE me my presents!’ Best motivation ever.




WIP Wednesday – August 30, 2017

Hey y’all,

I went back to college this week. LOVE getting to see my friends and begin learning more about the field I love so much. Working with children is a huge passion of mine and I’m always excited to be around people who share that passion. Also, I get to watch baby Nóra (from a few posts ago) two days a week. It makes me super happy.

So before I tell you about my WIPs, I want to pre-apologize if I’m having trouble keeping up with everything on here. I think either my WIP Wednesday will have to become a monthly post with pictures every time or keep it weeekly and pictures as I can. My WIP pics are never great because I often take them at night, when I am home and have time to crochet, which will be less now that I’m back in school  😑 Thank you to anyone who is actually reading these posts. I do like the accountability of this blog and at least writing my weekly progress. But, school hast to be my priority. Thanks for understanding. Also, if you don’t, you should follow my instagram. I post in stories a lot about my day to day and I try to post pics of what I’m working on. 😉 As a little surprise though, I have TWO new posts coming this week featuring some projects I did earlier this year including my first amigurumi and c2c. If you follow my Insta, you’ve seen it all before but I do tell a more detailed narrative.

No ✅ or 🐸

I didn’t work on the doll project or espadrilles this week.

Project Ice Cream Coozies is still ongoing. Nothing new there this week, just making some simple bases while I commute. I am delivering them on September 23rd so I have time. I don’t have a goal number but I’ll probably have about 20 if I had to guess.

I spent my last day of summer break with my beautiful blanket. I finished the first skein of mandala yarn and it came out to approximately 10.5 inches. Based on that, it will be about 8 feet 9 inches with the 10 skeins I have. I bought the only 6 at Walmart over the weekend! My WM is carrying several kinds of the Lion Brand Mandala yarn as well as Bernat Pop. Love! Anyway, this beauty is just so lovely. It will be tricky to try to make the colors line up but I’m going to really really really try not to let my OCD get the better of me with it. I think I’m going to love this blanket though. 

The baby blanket is looking so good. I am really happy I went back and made the change to HDC and added a chevron to make it an even eight. When I fold it in quarters, it just looks so much nicer. I’ve been debating what I want to make with it. There are so many super cute hats and booties out there. I love Repeat Crafter Me’s hat she made when her daughter Zoe was born. It has a little tie on top like the ones at the hospital. I alos love Ashleigh at Sewrella’s set she did for her son, Parker. She uses either a front or back post DC to give a ribbed effect around the border fo the hat and on the booties. I may end up doing two hats. One for when he’s first born and a second for him to grow into. I’m so indecisive I’m just like let’s just do all of them, lol. If anyone knows any cute beanie or bootie patterns, please email me the link! I’d love to see what you’d reccommend!

Until next time!




WIP Wednesday – August 23, 2017

First day of school where I work in before and after care and my first day back to college is Monday! Anyone want to tell me where summer went? 

Crochet has been taking a backseat as I had classroom setup days and beginning of the year trainings. I have to get recertifited in first aid and fire safety annually and CPR/AED biannually. But I do have some WIP updates for you!

✅ Sparkly Lana – I finished crocheting this beauty. I still need to add a fringe but since she won’t be in a crochet bag, she gets a check. I’m planning to do a Lana post soon with completed pics on all the Lana Kimonos I’ve done so far.

No 🐸🐸🐸!!!

Dolls – I did finish the purple dress!

Espadrilles  I did pick up the one I have almost done to try to do one of the last steps, however, something was misaligned and I had to 🐸 it. I guess that I kind of did have a 🐸 but not a whole project or anything. I didn’t have a chance to try again but hopefully soon. 🤞🏻

Ice Cream Coozies – I designed a pineapple appliqué and sewed to to a gray one. Seriously the cutest thing. I just need to get a pint of ice cream to do some nice pics! I really hope they do well at the Block Party. Also, my friend who works in the same school district as I do is partly in charge of getting the teachers gifts at Christmastime and she said she loved the idea of giving ice cream coozies to them so I’ll only do cash and carry if she decides to go another way, butt I’m hopeful!

Baby blanket – Not this week, but that will be a pretty good take along project when I start school to do in the car, at least while it’s not very big. For me, a take along project needs to be smaller and easy enough that I don’t need a pattern. It may require some counting, like this one, but I don’t like to have to refer to a pattern, especially for just my short rides (15-20 minutes) to my school. 

NEW PROJECT (I need to decide on an emoji for new projects, open to suggestions) – Mandala Me Blanket. I few months ago, I bought several cakes of Lion Brand Mandala yarn in the Genie colorway (on eBay) because the mint green to gray is just super me. I made a project with it but still had 4 skeins left. I could make a few smaller projects with it but I decided I really wanted a lightweight crochet blanket with the yarn. I looked at the 4 skeins and figured out the order I would do them in so the colors at the beginning and end were the same or close enough that I could find the matches. It won’t be perfect striping because each one is unique. It says so on the labels but I’ve also noticed that from working with it previously. It will take a lot of time and maybe some more yarn but it’s a good incentive for me to work on projects for others first and then put in a row or two. I’m using a K hook and half double crochet stitch to help it work up a little more quickly but not be too loose. 

That’s it for active projects. I am thinking that over Labor Day Weekend, I’d like to take some time to whip up all of my undone Happy Yarn Mail. I have 3/5 projects that I haven’t done yet and I’ll get another one next week so I’m thinking that it would be fun do over the long weekend. I’ll havre 4 projects then and 4 days to do them. If all goes well, I’ll write a HYM post showing off the 4 projects as well as the 2 I’ve actually been able to squeak out. 




National Granny Square Day – Sunflower Afghan 🌻

This post is a week late. Just my life these days y’all. This was my first granny square project and I’m super proud of it!

For my maternal grandmother’s 80th birthday, I crocheted this “lapghan” for the back of the couch at her little summer cottage which is all decked out in sunflowers.

Nana LOVED her beautiful gift! 




WIP Wednesday – August 16, 2017

Not the most productive week, but things are moving along. 😉

✅ Rainbow Lana Kimono – It came out bigger than anticipated (like my last one) but I think it will be cozy for my friend to wear. She works at a bank so I have a feeling it will keep her cozy in the coming chily months.

✅ Elphaba – She can’t come and go by bubble (like Galinda) but she’s headed to my aunt to be included in a pre-college care package. 😊

Espadrilles – Nill. Again. Poor baby is going to grow out of them before they are done! 🙄

Dolls – Again, no time to work on them. Things are crazytown over here!

Sparkly Lana – Progress! I take her to church with me and crochet during worship. I find that my brain allows me to focus so much better when my hands are busy.

Baby Blanket. So I 🐸ed and started over. I figured out why you’re supposed to do it in BLO. It makes the color change less obvious and I really hated how it looked on one side. Also because it had 7 ridges, when you folded it in quarters, it got all wonky. I started over and added another ridge so it’s wider.I am alos working in HDC instead of SC and the ripples are much looser and less sharp. it was like a 90 degree angle before and now it’s like a 110 maybe? I’d have to use a protractor! 😜

Ice Cream Coozies – I have a couple crocheted without their embellishments. I designed this 3D pineapple. not sure if I love it but all the other pineapples I keep finding are coming out too big, or they curl too much when I use a bigger hook. I am going to test out doing embellishments with Lion Brand 24/7 cotton so it’s still in the cotton/polyester family, but I’m not sure hoe they will look and if they’ll attach properly. Thoughts and ideas welcome!

I think that’s it. I wanted to squeak this in before mindight! 😘