WIP Wednesday – August 2, 2017

WIP Wednesday is one of my favorite parts of the week, sharing the progress I’ve made in my crocheting each week. I love that using a blog will give me the space to share all 7 of my current WIPs. I want to know what you’re working on too so please fee free to share your WIP Wednesday with me (or any other day)!!!

I’ll start with the easiest projects, numbers 1-4. I am working on 4 Lana Kimonos by Ashleigh at Sewrella. She’s one of my faves and I’ve learned most everything I know about crochet from her. ❤️  This beautiful piece is a super easy, mindless crochet project. If you can double crochet and whip stitch, you can do this! I’m working on two for me and two for gifts.

The chunky one is made from Lion Brand Fast Track yarn in Chopper Gray. I adjusted the pattern a little to make that one about the same length as the others and used a larger hook to give it those beautiful big stitches. I’m out of the Fast Track yarn but I’m heading to JoAnn’s tomorrow. I’m not sure if my local store carries it but if not, I’ll order more online (it’s on sale for a little over $5 right now an it’s usually $7).

The rainbow one is for one of my best friends as a belated birthday gift. She is an artist and so exuberant with bright color. When I saw Lion Brand Landscapes in Boardwalk, I knew I had to make her something. We have been to my favorite beach a few times together and always finish our day up on the boardwalk so it had that special connection too. I have one panel completed and have started the second one. I am very concientious of how the colors are laying with this piece. I don’t want the same colors to be in the same parts of the row or it will look like 2-3 colors are striping in each position. To avoid this, I change colors every few rows, making sure the color I start with is not in one of the previous in that spot. When I’m preparing to sew the pieces, I will take a photo of the full panels and this may make better sense. 😉

This kimono is Red Heart With Love Metallic in Charcoal. I started this one a week or so ago and it was my take along project and will be again when I finish the one after this. With the color changing, I don’t usually take the rainbow one along for when I know I may have a few minutes to just work without having to think too much about a pattern. I’m about halfway done with panel one. It is for a friend’s birthday but it’s more than a month away so no pressure to finish it soon. This color way will look so pretty on her and she is such a sparkly person in my life so I love that this piece reflects that. 💕

My last kimono is this pretty bright Papaya color by Red Heart With Love. I have one panel completely finished and the second one has the first two rows. I’m planning to wear it to a wedding this weekend so trying to get it cranked out! 🤞🏻

Project number 5 is for my baby nephew. He is the cutest human ever. His project is a pair of baby espadrilles. I’d really like to start selling these either premade or made to order on Etsy, but no promises! I found the pattern on Etsy. This is the first one. It just needs the toe piece attached which includes a slip stitch border around. I started this project a long time ago and kind of forgot about them and have been busy with other projects. They’ve made their way back into my bag and I’m hoping to have them finished in the next week or so. 🤞🏻


Project number 6 Is my most urgent project but I’ve gotten as far as I can until my JoAnn’s trip because I need to get wire for her glasses44xzzz. 😬 She will be Elphaba from Wicked in her school uniform. My aunt commissioned me to make it for my cousin, a true thespian and lover of the land of Oz. I need wire to make Elphie’s glasses before stuffing her head and continuing the project. I will be working long and hard Friday to finish her before I see my aunt on Saturday for the previously mentioned wedding. I have found that I prefer to yarn under for my amigrumi projects which makes them smaller. I do increase the hook size accordingly, but especially when I’m using dark yarns, I don’t like the stuffing to show through. It does a little bit not as badly in projects where I did yarn over instead. I’d really like to begin contributing to Octopus for a Preemie so using the yarn under technique is good practice for that.

And last but definitely not least is project nunmber 7. I am working on a set of two princess dolls for my nieces who are 5 and 8. The original pattern is by the Friendly Red Fox and is the Princess Sophie doll. I also have her pattern for making mini ballerina animals and used that as the guideline for this doll’s body. I wanted to do a big sister/little sister set to reflect my nieces. So far, I have made the smaller doll almost entirely. This photo was from two weeks ago. I am house sitting this week and don’t have the doll to show a more updated picture, but she now has brown safety eyes and her head is stuffed and sewn shut. I have begin the piece that will be like a wig with pretty ringlets in a Wheat color by Red Heart Soft yarn. The newest thing I have completed are the purple slippers and begun the purple dress. She will also have a blue one. Both dolls will have a pink, purple, and blue dress, matching slippers for each dress, and a gold and silver crown. This is a hugely ambitious project but my nieces are growing up quickly and I wanted them to have these special dolls while they still like to play pretend together. 💕

There you have it, all 7 projects I am actively working on. I have a few projects slated to begin ASAP, once I finish a few kimonos, Elphaba, and the espadrilles. The doll project is going to take a while and I try to accomplish a few pieces each week. 😉 Thanks for your interest in seeing what I’m working on!



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