Oops, I Did It Again…

I started another project. Let’s be fair though, I had good reasons to. Sort of.

I lost my E hook which is ironically the one I need to finish Elphaba (new one is coming tomorrow from Amazon).

I couldn’t find my N hook to work on any Lanas. I have another series of mini projects I planned to start because a.) they’re quick and b.) they are going to be sold at a craft show so yay profits! (More on that another day)

Also I did finish the Lana kimono I was goi no to wear to my cousin’s wedding on Saturday. I decided I didn’t like it with my outfit tho so I didn’t ‘t wear it. And I wanted an easy project that I didn’t have to closely follow the pattern for.

The little project bag with the pretty new skeins of yarn and they just were calling me. I couldn’t resist.

My best friend’s big sister is expecting her first baby, and found out on Thursday that it’s a boy! 💙💙💙 I happened to be making my trip to JoAnn’s that night and Caron Simply Soft yarn was on sale.

I decided I wanted to do a traditional rippled afghan with modern colors, kind of an old meets new thing. Chevrons have been my pattern since before they were popular so I’ve always loved the look of these blankets. My friend really likes mint green and I had seen a really nice color combo for this blanket in a boy palette with mint green as one of the colors. (Mint green is my favorite color btw)

Inspiration picture. So cute right?


And here are the labels with the color names.

I began the chevrons last night and completed 8 rows. I am going to do between 12-16 per color for nice wide stripes of color. 

I haven’t worked with this yarn much but I like it so far. The pattern has been easy to follow. I did decided to crochet in both loops vs BLO but I like it just the same.

There it is, another project to choose from… 🙈 Does anyone else have this problem?



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