Flashback Friday: Gifts for Elliot

One of my favorite humans is the brother to the recipient of yesterday’s post: a 5 year old boy. His name is Elliot except due to the way he talks, it sounds like he’s saying “Eddiot.” 😜 I’ll be sad when he grows out of it. He also says his “l” like a “y” so he says that he “yoves” me. I “yove” him too. 😍

Elliot is a really caring boy, very sensitive to others’ feelings and needs. He is goofy and so so so sweet. For his birthday, I followed the pattern and made him a pillow and a friend as well. 

Elliot L O V E S the How to Train Your Dragon series. I attempted Toothless the Dragon by tiny alchemy. Her patttern is available on Etsy. I would say that it is ok. I need a little more visual, especially for a complicated amigurumi project. It didn’t look as good as the original but the boy was happy with it so that’s enough for me.

For his pillow, I decided to try out my hand at corner to corner crochet. I’d seen a lot of graphgans on Pinterest and I was ready to try my hand at it. The first side was his favorite superhero, Spider-Man! I used a graph pattern I found on Pinterest. Then, I used graph paper to design the back. I used the same number of columns and rows to create a striped pattern with his name in the middle. I did it in red and blue to keep with the Spidey motif. 😉

I love this little buddy and I’m glad I could make his birthday special!



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