Throwback Thursday: Gifts for Norah

Sorry it’s late! Putting both this one and the one for today out now! 🙈

Over the past couple of years, I’ve gotten to know a young lady name Norah (mind you this is not Nóra, the baby I watch) and her family as I had her in kindergarten SACC and then became one of the main babysitters for their family. Because of some commitments the kids’ parents were involved with this past spring, I was basically a part-time nanny for their family and I loved the opporturnitity to really bond with both Norah and her little brother. 

Norah is a force of nature and so sassy. Oh so sassy! But she’s also thoughtful and caring and a friend to everyone. I actually haven’t seen her in about a month and am really looking forward to watching her tonight!

On Norah’s 7th birthday this year, she received some special gifts from me. I spoiled her. The only thing I don’t have a picture of is a little crocheted pouch I made to give her a locket. It was pink with a scalloped edge and used a button enclosure. I stitched a small “N” in the corner because I love anything with my initials on it. I have a locket with a photo of my nephew from the day he was born and Norah loves to open it and told me once that she wanted a locket. I found a silver one with pink roses printed on it from Claire’s. I put the pouch into a big fluffy purple heart pillow with a white pocket. The pattern was by Ashleigh at Sewrella, but I tweaked it just a little. I used two strands of Bernat Blanket Yarn and I might have used a 12 mm hook, but I don’t remember. Norah has a purple beanbag chair with white polka dots so I tried to make it match tha

I also tried my first amigurumi pattern. It was by the Friendly Red Fox, the tiny bear ballerina. For my first ami, I think she turned out SO lovely. Norah named her Lily.

Norah was SO excited with all of her birthday gifts. Her mom, my super sweet friend I made the sparkly Lana kimono for, told me she kept saying “I can’t believe she MADE me my presents!’ Best motivation ever.



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