WIP Wednesday – October

Hey all,

This has been a busy month as I’ve transitioned into my school year and continue my jobs in before/after care and babysitting. 

But I’ve been project happy too, as always. 

The baby shower for my best friend’s sister is next weekend and I’m almost ready. The main blanket is fully crocheted and just has some finishing touches, possibly including a fringe. I think it is so beautiful. Is it okay to say that about something for a boy? I have one hat finished and one bootie for the set. I still have to make its mate and would like to do a tie top newborn hat as well. I’m planning to do that in navy and surface crochet his name, once it is officially decided on. 😉

I’ve started another Lana Kimono in the original yarn, LB Shawl in a Ball (lotus flower colorway). Christmas crocheting is in full swing. The way this is working up reminds me of a mermaid fin. 😍

I have the yarn (mint/silver and cream/mustard) to make a few Cappuccino Cardigans as holiday gifts as well. I’m not great at front and back post crocheting so that’s a little intimidating. 😐 But I’m giving myself the time to do these projects right! 🙌🏻

I started and frogged a sweater I found on Ravelry. I’m doing it in the same yarn I did one of the Lana Kimonos in (RH With Love in charcoal). 

I also found out it is a friend’s birthday tomorrow and I will see her on Friday. I’m making her a puff stitch bun beanie by Sewrella. Instead of doing a chained circle though, I’m working over a hair tie to make the opening elastic. I’m using RH Soft in off white. 

Final bit of crochet fun, I glazed a yarn bowl on my birthday a few weeks ago and just got it today. 😃 I’m so pleased with how it came out. The base color is coral and there are lacy flowers in white, dark coral, and mint around the outside. 😍 I’ve never used a yarn bowl so I’ll let you know my thoughts once I’ve used it a while. 

All for today, hope you enjoyed! 

With Love,


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