WIP Wednesday – November 

Hey y’all,

October was a crazy month. But as per my norm, I had the constant cycle of projects. 

I finally gave some overdue attention to one of the dolls for my niece. She now has a head full of curls. I still need to see them in but they are pinned in the correct arrangement. I think she looks like a little Shirley Temple. 😍 

 I worked on panels for the mustard cappuccino cardigan for a friend for Christmas. The colors are matched up beautifully (so far) and it makes me so happy! 🙌🏻 I’m not sure what I did wrong or if I just crochet tight but my panels are too short compared to the dimensions (by a lot) even using the same yarn and hook. I added a stitch marker to the halfway point and adding the same number of dc rows as the first half and I’ll do he samenumber of ribbed as the pattern says. (Hope that makes sense 😜) But it’s coming along well! This sweater is so cozy! I need to add it to my “me” project list!

I did most of a ninja turtle themed blanket for Elliot. That’s what he asked for for Christmas so yeah. There are times I can say no to things when it’s a respect or safety issue but I can’t resist him asking for something crocheted. 😍 Norah also requested a blanket. I’m thinking a c2c with some emojis and maybe her name/initial. I have a lot of scrap yarn that I could use for it but I’m not totally sold on the idea. Back to TMNT. I used green, red, royal blue, orange, and purple LB DIYarn to create wide green stripes with narrower colored ones to represent the turtles. I need to finish the last green stripe, sc around the trim, and sew in my ends. I can’t wait to give it to him!

And I finished some projects as well. The layette for my friend’s baby boy. I still want to do a tie hat when he’s born but I ran out of time. 🙄 She and her husband absolutely loved it! 

I made a puff stitch beanie for my sweet friend’s birthday. I forgot to take a full pic but you can see the puff stitches and the pretty flower I crocheted. I never have done a puff stitch project before or done that kind of flower. I also meshed two Sewrella patterns so lots of learning in a project for a fellow teacher! ❤️

At the beginning of the month, I whipped up some pumpkins for my mama. We saw the pattern by MegMadeWithLove and my mom was just 😍😍😍. They came out very cute! Also I showed a friend and she asked for just a white one. 😊

So much coming over the next few weeks with Christmas at the end of next month and a few birthdays this month! As always, I’ll try to be sharing on insta, especially day to day things in my stories. Thanks for stopping by and seeing what I’m working on! I love to hear from you so please leave a comment or email! 😊

With Love,


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