… And a Bow Blanket (With Her Name on it)

A couple of weeks ago, I shared about Elliot’s request for a ninja turtle blanket. That was easy compared to the request of his big sister.

Miss Norah also started asking for a blanket in September. She wanted one with bows on it. 3D bows. Thank you Jo Jo Siwa. 🙄

I knew that Red Heart With Love Metallic was the most perfect yarn to use. I ordered the magenta color way for her sparkly pink-loving little seven year old self. 💗

I found this amazing tutorial on making 3D bows as you crochet. 🙌🏻 Win! I was insanely happy I didn’t have to crochet and sew several bows onto the blanket. The bows were actually stitches instead of a appliqués, making it more secure.

Sometime in November or December, Norah-girl added one request: her name. She wanted me to somehow incorporate her name on her blanket.

There were a number of ways I could approach this but I was looking for the way that wouldn’t be too hard and had a minimal amount of ends to weave in. I’d seen a lot of patterns spell words with bobbles and I went to work finding letters and creating a custom graph to meet the specs of her blanket.

When it came time for the panel of her name, I was thinking I might want to change colors. I didn’t know exactly how much pink I’d used to that point and I wanted to make sure I had enough for the top half. I had some teal, white, and charcoal of the same yarn and weighed my options. I chose the charcoal because I had the most of it and because I was concerned about using a significant amount of white for a 7 year old. 😬😉

The bobble section took a lot longer than I expected. And I had to frog it at least once because things weren’t lining up properly.

But it was an incredible feeling to finish it! I did Norah’s name with hearts on either side.

Once the main blanket was complete, I added a teal border. Norah had asked me after I had the yarn about what color I was using and asked if teal could be incorporated. It was her third and final request and I felt like the genie when I gave her the blanket of her dreams.

The kids’ mom, my dear friend, and I sat the kids side by side on the loveseat. I hadn’t wrapped the blankets but brought them in a big recycle bag. The kids covered their eyes and Cara and I held the blankets out in front of them. We told them to open and all you could hear for the first minute was the tv in the background. Their eyes were wide and their jaws hung low. I’d struck them speechless, no easy feat. Then the screams and squeals came. Elliot kept taking them and smoothing them out on the floor so he could see them better. Both kids snuggled up with their blankets for bed that night. I had done it and won babysitter of the year. 😉

These projects challenged me with different skills and creativity to incorporate a variety of themes and elements. I have to say I was incredibly proud of how they came out and it is a great feeling when I watch the kids and they are snuggled up in bed with their blankets. 😊

With Love,


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